Issuers (PRNS)

The Issuer List is compiled by NSSC staff for the public to easily identify companies that are Reporting Issuers (RIs) and Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDIFs) in Nova Scotia.

WARNING: Given the breadth of the definition of a reporting issuer (RI) or a community economic development corporation (CEDIF) under Nova Scotia securities law, the NSSC does not represent that the Issuer List is a complete list of Nova Scotia issuers.

For example, the NSSC staff do not continuously review the corporate status of issuers so corporations that have been dissolved may still be on the List.

Anyone seeking information relating to the status of a particular issuer should contact the Corporate Finance Office of the Nova Scotia Securities Commission.

The list is generally updated on a weekly basis. Please refer to NSSC Policy 51-601.

The notation In Default indicates that the issuer has failed to comply with a requirement of Nova Scotia securities law as of November 25, 2021.

Total PRNS Reporting Issuers: 129
Issuer Principal Regulator is Nova Scotia In Default
East Coast Organic Milk Investment Co-operative Ltd. (CEDIF) (No longer a CEDIF) Yes Yes
Elcora Advanced Materials Corp. Yes No
Emera Incorporated Yes No
Empire Company Limited Yes No
Erdene Resource Development Corporation Yes No
Evangeline Investments Fund Ltd. (CEDIF - No longer a CEDIF) Yes No
Evangeline Wind Field Inc., The (CEDIF) (No Longer a CEDIF) Yes No
Farmers' Market Investment Cooperative Limited (CEDIF) (No longer a CEDIF) Yes No
FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited (CEDIF) Yes No
Fortune Bay Corp. Yes No
Foxgrove Explorations Limited (Cease Traded) Yes Yes
Fundy Tidal Inc. (CEDIF) (Cease Traded) Yes Yes
Global Stevia Corp. (Cease Traded) Yes Yes
Glooscap Wind Field Inc., The (CEDIF) Yes No
GoGold Resources Inc. Yes No
Hank Payments Corp. (formerly Nobelium Tech Corp.) Yes No
Hants Ventures Inc. (CEDIF) (Guarantee Paid Back) (No Longer a CEDIF) Yes No
Helical Corporation Inc., The (Cease Traded) Yes Yes
High Head Mountain Development Limited (Cease Traded) Yes Yes
High Liner Foods Incorporated Yes No
Home Safe Living Investment Fund Ltd. (CEDIF) (Cease Traded) Yes Yes
Horton Ridge Malt & Grain Company Ltd. (CEDIF) Yes No
IMV Inc. Yes No
ITI Education Corporation (Cease Traded) Yes Yes
Just Us! Fair Trade Investment Co-operative Ltd. (CEDIF) Yes No
KA'NATA Investment Fund Inc. (CEDIF) Yes No
Keltic Savings Corporation Limited (Cease Traded) Yes Yes
Killam Apartment Limited Partnership Yes No
Killam Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust Yes No
Kings Riverside Investment Limited (No Longer a CEDIF) Yes No, inc. Yes No
Knowledge House Inc. (Cease Traded) Yes Yes
La Residence Acadienne Co-Operative Limited (CEDIF) Yes Yes
Live Ship Limited (CEDIF) Yes No
Lunenburg Working Waterfront Investment Fund Ltd. (CEDIF) (No Longer a CEDIF) Yes No