The Student Connection Program is back!

Last year the Nova Scotia Securities Commission visited high schools and post-secondary institutions across Nova Scotia, both in-person and virtually, to talk to students about investing. With a new school year beginning this month, the Student Connections program has returned.

We know due to COVID-19 the 2020-21 school year may look very different. Many universities in the province are taking their classes online. The Commission is ready to adapt to these changes to continue to reach students. We have been delivering some of our presentations online to classes throughout the province since the program began. If you are interested in having the Commission talk to your class but are not allowed visitors, or you do not have a physical classroom right now, we can connect virtually, and look forward to discussing the best way to make this possible.

Students exiting post-secondary education are entering a new phase in their life with careers, money and a future ahead of them. This future could include a family, their first home, cars, and saving for their children’s education and their own retirement. As life becomes real the need to invest also becomes real. But, why do they need to wait to learn about investing? Why can’t a basis of basic investment knowledge be gained before it is time to use it instead of catching up on it later in life?

Investment information can be delivered to groups through presentations on several different topics, including but not limited to, An Introduction to the Nova Scotia Securities Commission, Informed Investing, and Securities Regulation. We are also able to present on more concise topics such as CEDIFs, Crowdfunding and Investment Fraud and Scams.

If you are interested in one of these presentations or would like more information on what the Nova Scotia Securities Commission Student Connections program can offer you, your class, group or organization, please contact us.