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The Nova Scotia Securities Commission regulates activities involving securities and derivatives that occur in Nova Scotia or that involve Nova Scotian residents.    

The Nova Scotia Securities Commission protects investors from activities that undermine investor confidence in the fairness and efficiency of Nova Scotia capital markets, while fostering capital development and  formation.

Become an informed investor by reading through this section to learn about each of the Commission branches and how we protect Nova Scotia investors.

  • Want to report a complaint, suspicious activity or an investment scam involving Nova Scotia residents or activities occuring in Nova Scotia? Contact Enforcement
  • Have a question about a Nova Scotia company or investment product? Contact Corporate Finance.
  • Haev a question or concern about a financial adviser in Nova Scotia? Contact Compliance.
  • Check to see if your adviser in registered in Nova Scotia. Use the Registration Database.

The Commission provides free unbiased information. We do not provide financial or legal advice.

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