Community Economic-Development Investment Funds (CEDIFs)

A Community Economic and Development Investment Fund (CEDIF) is a pool of capital which is raised from individuals within Nova Scotia to invest in for-profit entities within a defined community. These funds are controlled by a local group of officers and directors, who may be chosen by the founders and promoters of the CEDIF or by the CEDIF’s investors at an annual general meeting.

To establish a CEDIF offering the applicants must prepare and file the Form 1 Simplified Offering Document and receive from the Director of the NSSC as well as an Equity Tax Credit (ETC) from the Minister of Finance. Once these are in place, the CEDIF can raise capital through an exempt public offering in Nova Scotia and advertise its shares to the public in Nova Scotia.

Frequently Asked Questions and Other Information

What Happens if I invest in a CEDIF through a RRSP?

Important Nova Scotia Securities Commission Financial Statement Filings and Cease Trade Orders

Department of Finance - Equity Tax Credit

To assist CEDIF participants in understanding and applying community economic-development corporations regulations (CEDC Regulations), the Nova Scotia Securities Commission staff has compiled this summary of questions and NSSC staff responses.

Nova Scotia securities law apply to CEDIFs. Some latitude is given to the programme in the following:

Forms and Other Documentation

The following forms are being provided for your convenience