The Issuer List is compiled by NSSC staff for the public to easily identify companies that are either Reporting Issuers (RIs) or Community Economic-Development Corporations (CEDIFs) in Nova Scotia.

WARNING: Given the breadth of the definition of a reporting issuer and a community economic-development corporation under Nova Scotia securities law, the NSSC does not represent that the Issuer List is a complete list of Nova Scotia issuers. The list is current as indicated by the date shown below

For example, the NSSC staff do not continuously review the corporate status of issuers so corporations that have been dissolved may still be on the Issuer List.

Anyone seeking information relating to the status of a particular issuer should contact Corporate Finance Office of the Nova Scotia Securities Commission.

The notation In Default indicates that the issuer has failed to comply with a requirement of Nova Scotia securities law as of September 22, 2020.


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Total Issuers: 6365
Issuersort descending Principal Regulator is Nova Scotia In Default
La Caisse Centrale Desjardins du Quebec No No
La Fosse Platinum Group Inc. No Yes
La Residence Acadienne Co-operative Ltd. (CEDIF) Yes No
La Stenza Corporation No No
LAB Research Inc. No No
Labrador Iron Mines Holdings Limited No No
Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corporation No No
Lake Louise Limited Partnership No No
Lakeport Brewing Income Fund No No
Lakeview Hotel Investment Corp. No No
Landmark American RSP Fund No No
Landmark Canadian Fund No No
Landmark Canadian Sector Fund No No
Landmark Global Financial Corporation No No
Landmark Global RSP Fund No No
Landmark Global Sector Fund No No
Lanesborough Real Estate Investment Trust No No
Lantronix, Inc. No No
Laramide Resources Ltd. No No
Laurentian Bank of Canada No No
LAVA Systems Inc. No Yes
Lazard Global Balanced Income Fund No No
Lazard Global Compounders Fund No No
LDIC North American Small Business Fund (Corporate Class) No No
Legacy Education Savings Plan No No
Legend Power Systems Inc. No No
Legg Mason Symmetry Fund No No
LeoNovus Inc. No No
LexaGene Holdings Inc. No No
LGC Skyrota Wind Energy Corp.
Liberty Gold Corp. No No
Life & Banc Split Corp. No No
Lightspeed POS Inc, No No
Lightstream Resources Limited No Yes
Liminal BioSciences Inc. No No
Linamar Corporation No No
Lincluden Balanced Fund No No
Linedata Services Canada Inc. No No
Linedata Services S.A. No No
Lingo Media Corporation No No
Lithium Americas Corp. No No
Lithium Energy Products Inc. No No
Live Ship Limited (CEDIF) Yes No
Livent Inc. No Yes
Lizard Global Low Volatility Fund No No
LLIM US Equity Fund No No
LLIM US Growth Sectors Fund No No
Loblaw Companies Limited No No
Locjerbie & Hole Inc. No No
Lodge at Kananaskis Limited Partnership, The No Yes
Loewen Group Inc. No Yes
Loncor Resources Inc. No No
London Capital US Value Fund No No
Long Duration Bond Fund No No
Long Duration Credit Bond Fund No No
Long Reserve Life Resource Fund No No
Long Term Bond Fund (Portico) No No
Long-Term Growth Portfolio No No
Longview Oil Corp. No No
Loop Insights Inc. No No
Lorica Canadian Fixed Income Fund No No
LSC Communications, Inc. No No
LucasVarity plc No Yes
Lucky Minerals Inc. No No
Lukoil Overseas Canada Ltd. No No
Lululemon Athletica Inc. No No
Lundin Gold Inc. No No
Lundin Mining Corporation No No
Lunenburg Working Waterfront Investment Fund Ltd. (CEDIF) (No Longer a CEDIF) Yes No
Lupaka Gold Corp. No No
Luxxfolio Holdings Inc. No No
LWP Capital Inc. No No
LXRandCo, Inc. No No
Lydian International Limited No No
Lysander TDV Fund No No
Lysander-18 Asset Management Canadian Equity Fund No No
Lysander-Canso Balanced Fund No No
Lysander-Canso Bond Fund No No
Lysander-Canso Broad Corporate Bond Fund No No
Lysander-Canso Corporate Value Bond Fund No No
Lysander-Canso Credit Opportunities Fund No No
Lysander-Canso Equity Fund No No
Lysander-Canso Short Term and Floating Rate Fund No No
Lysander-Canso U.S. Credit Fund No No
Lysander-Crusader Equity Income Fund No No
Lysander-Fulcra Corporate Securities Fund No No
Lysander-Seamark Balanced Fund No No
Lysander-Seamark Total Equity Fund No No
Lysander-Slater Preferred Share ActivETF
Lysander-Slater Preferred Share Dividend Fund No No
Lysander-Triasima All Country Equity Fund No No
Lysander-Triasima All Country Long/Short Equity Fund No No
Lysander-Triasima Balanced Income Fund No No