The Issuer List is compiled by NSSC staff for the public to easily identify companies that are either Reporting Issuers (RIs) or Community Economic-Development Corporations (CEDIFs) in Nova Scotia.

WARNING: Given the breadth of the definition of a reporting issuer and a community economic-development corporation under Nova Scotia securities law, the NSSC does not represent that the Issuer List is a complete list of Nova Scotia issuers. The list is current as indicated by the date shown below

For example, the NSSC staff do not continuously review the corporate status of issuers so corporations that have been dissolved may still be on the Issuer List.

Anyone seeking information relating to the status of a particular issuer should contact Corporate Finance Office of the Nova Scotia Securities Commission.

The notation In Default indicates that the issuer has failed to comply with a requirement of Nova Scotia securities law as of October 22, 2021.


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Total Issuers: 6521
Issuer Principal Regulator is Nova Scotia In Default
Wajax Corporation No No
Wallbridge Mining Company Limited No No
Walton Big Lake Development L.P. No No
Walton Edgemont Development Corporation No No
Walton Ontario Land L.P. 1 No No
Waratah Alternative Equity Income Fund No No
Waratah Alternative ESG Fund No No
Wardley China Investment Trust No No
Waste Connections, Inc. No No
Watts Wind Energy Inc. (CEDIF) No No
Wavefront Global Diversified Investment Class No No
WaveRider Communications Inc. No Yes
Wayfarers' Ale Community Investment Ltd. (CEDIF) Yes No
Wayland Group Corp. No Yes
Waypoint All Weather Alternative Fund No No
Wealthsimple Developed Markets ex North America Socially Responsible Index ETF No No
Wealthsimple North America Socially Responsible Index ETF No No
Wealthsimple Shariah World Equity Index ETF No No
WeCommerce Holdings Ltd. (formerly Brachium Capital Corp.) No No
WeedMD Inc. No No
WELL Health Technologies Corp. No No
Wellington - IG Global Equity Hedge Pool No No
Wells Fargo Canada Corporation No No
Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. No No
West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. No No
West Nova Agro Commodities Limited (CEDIF) (Cease Traded) Yes Yes
West Nova Cranberry Venture Fund Ltd. (CEDIF) (Investors Repaid)(No Longer a CEDIF) Yes No
West Vault Mining Inc. No No
Westaim Corporation, The No No
Westcan Inc. No No
Westcoast Energy Inc. No No
Western Copper and Gold Corporation No No
Western Energy Services Corp. No No
Western Forest Products Inc. No No
Western Investment Company of Canada Limited, The No No
Western Plains Petroleum Ltd. No No
Western Resources Minerals Limited No Yes
Western Troy Capital Resources Inc. No No
Westhaven Gold Corp. No No
Westphalia Dev. Corp. No No
Westport Fuel Systems Inc. No No
Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation No No
Wharf Resources Limited No No
Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. No No
Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. No No
White Gold Corp. No No
White Rose Crafts and Nursery Sales Limited No Yes
Whitecap Resources Inc. No No
Whitehorse Gold Corp. No No
Whycocomagh Investment Co-operative Ltd. (CEDIF) Yes No
WildBrain Ltd. Yes No
Wildpack Beverage Inc. No No
Willoughby Investment Pool No No
Willow Biosciences Inc. No No
WIN Energy Corporation No No
Winchester Group Inc., The No Yes
Wind4All Communities II Inc. (CEDIF) Yes No
Wind4All Communities III Inc. (CEDIF) Yes No
Wind4All Communities Inc. (CEDIF) Yes No
Wind4All Communities IV Inc. (CEDIF) Yes No
Wind4All Inc. (CEDIF) Yes No
Windy Mountain Explorations Ltd. No No
Wiscam Inc. No No
Wise 100 per cent Equity ETF Portfolio No No
Wise Balanced ETF Portfolio No No
Wise Conservative ETF Portfolio No No
Wise Fixed Income ETF Portfolio No No
Wise Growth ETF Portfolio No No
Wise Maximum Growth ETF Portfolio No No
Wishpond Technologies Ltd. No No
WMC Acquisition (Canada) Corp. No Yes
Wolfden Resources Corporation No No
Wolverine Energy and Infrastructure Inc. No No
Woodbridge Development Company Limited No Yes
Woodfine Professional Centres Limited Partnership No No
Workplace Technology Dividend Fund No No
World Financial Split Corp. No No
WPT Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust No No
WSP Global Inc. No No