Protecting seniors: Investor education presentations & Fraud Bingo

Part of the Nova Scotia Securities Commission’s (NSSC) mandate is to help protect Nova Scotians from fraudulent investments and assist them in making informed investment decisions by delivering investor education content and resources.

During Seniors’ Month (June 2024) the NSSC will share content on financial elder abuse, investment fraud, and securities laws around trusted contact persons and temporary holds that are relevant to seniors and their families.

NSSC staff are also available to deliver educational presentations to seniors’ organizations and seniors’ living facilities and play “Fraud Bingo,” an interactive Bingo game that teaches fraud prevention.

NSSC staff can speak on several topics including:

·        Working with an investment adviser

·       Basic investments

·        Protect yourself from investment fraud and scams

·        Recognizing financial elder abuse

·        Crypto assets and securities regulation

“Fraud Bingo” is a fun program that was developed by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) to make learning about fraud prevention more fun and engaging. Fraud Bingo players have a chance to win small prizes while learning about investment fraud prevention. It takes a regular bingo game and changes BINGO to FRAUD. All FRAUD numbers called include fraud prevention tips and information. Here is a look at a sample Fraud Bingo card.

Seniors’ month may be in June, but we can make ourselves available year-round to talk to groups of any size. This can be done in-person, or online on whichever platform the group is most comfortable using.

If you would like more information on presentations, Fraud Bingo, or are interested in scheduling a presentation or Fraud Bingo with your organization, please contact us.

You can also find investor education materials developed for seniors and their families on our website - and on our YouTube channel.