Understanding the Stock Market and its purpose – TSX Venture Exchange

Our blog series on understanding the stock market and its purpose continues with a closer look at the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV).

The TSXV was founded in 1999 following the restructuring of Canadian markets and the merger of the Vancouver Stock Exchange and the Alberta Stock Exchange. In 1999 the TSXV was known as the Canadian Venture Exchange. It was renamed in 2001 after it was purchased by the TMX Group.

The TSXV is a public marketplace for emerging companies that are not large enough to be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).  The TSXV allows smaller issuers access to the capital markets and provide its stakeholders liquidity. A summary of some of the listing requirements by exchange is as follows:


Industrial Technology Life Sciences

TSX (Industrial Companies)

TSX V Tier 1

TSX V Tier 2

Earnings or Revenues

$300,000 (Earnings)

$5,000,000 (Revenue)

$500,000 (Revenue)

Net Tangible Assets





As of May 2024 there were 1,632 companies listed on the TSXV with a market capitalization of $82.2 billion.

In our next part in this series, we’ll look at another exchange created for smaller market-cap companies, the Canadian Securities Exchange.