Defaulting Issuers (PRNS)

The notation In Default indicates that the issuer has failed to comply with a requirement of Nova Scotia securities law as of December 10, 2018.

Additional documents, including Nova Scotia Cease Trade Orders, pertaining to a Defaulting Issuer may be found in Enforcement Proceedings.

Total PRNS Defaulting Issuers: 39
Defaulting Issuer Principal Regulator is Nova Scotia Nature of Defaults
1763960 Nova Scotia Limited (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a, 3
AD Equity Inc. (CEDIF) (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a, 1.b
Antigonish Investments Limited (CEDIF) Yes 1.a
Blue Gold Oil & Gas Limited Partnership III (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a
Cape Breton West Wind Field Inc., The (CEDIF) (Cease Traded) Yes 1.b
Carrot Investment Co-operative Ltd., The (CEDIF - Cease Traded) Yes 1.b
Cavalier Energy Limited (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a
Celtic Tiger Minerals Exploration Inc. (Cease Traded) Yes
Chartwell Development Fund Limited Partnership (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a
Coxheath Gold Holdings Limited (Cease Traded) Yes
Dominion Bioresources Inc. (Cease Traded) Yes
East Coast Organic Milk Investment Co-operative Ltd. (CEDIF) (No longer a CEDIF) Yes 1.b
Foxgrove Explorations Limited (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a, 1.b, 3
Fundy Tidal Inc. (CEDIF) (Cease Traded) Yes
Global Stevia Corp. (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a, 1.b, 1.c
Helical Corporation Inc., The (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a, 3, 4
High Head Mountain Development Limited (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a
Home Safe Living Investment Fund Ltd. (CEDIF) (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a
ITI Education Corporation (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a
Keltic Savings Corporation Limited (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a
Knowledge House Inc. (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a
Maritime Beer Company Incorporated, The (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a, 1.b, 3
Maritime Equity Fund (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a
MedMira Inc. Yes 1.a, 1.c, 1.e, 3
Mentor Networks Inc. (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a, 1.b
National Bowling Lanes III Limited Partnership (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a
Navitrak International Corporation (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a, 1.b, 1.c
Nexient Learning Inc. (Cease Traded) Yes 1.b, 1.c, 1.e
North Spring Equity Limited (CEDIF - Cease Traded) Yes 1.a
Premiere Developments Limited (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a, 1.b, 3
Red Brick Row Investment Co-operative Ltd. (CEDIF) (In Default) Yes 1.b
River John Oceanfront Resorts Ltd. (CEDIF) (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a, 1.b
Scotia Schools Trust (Cease Traded) Yes 1.b
Shean Investment Co-operative Limited (CEDIF) Yes 1.b
Soil Ecology Investment Group Ltd. (CEDIF) (Cease Traded) Yes 1.a