NSSC Blog: Before You Invest

Question of the week: What are employee stock options?

In pop culture you may have heard the term “stock options” bandied about. In TV shows or movies someone gets a job and it’s the best because they get employee stock options. So, in this context what exactly are employee stock options?

Stock options are an incentive that publicly or privately traded companies can offer their employees. It is a contract that gives an employee the right, but not the obligation to purchase shares of a stock at a set price on or before a specific date.

Question of the week: What are loads?

We continue to get questions from investors regarding investment fees. The latest question was about loads. Specifically, one reader wants to know what a load is. We’ve outlined a few different kinds of loads in previous posts, but we’ll go through them again so you can get the full low down on loads all in one place.

Question of the week: What happens to an RESP if my child doesn’t go to college?

Last week we talked about RESPs and that led a reader to wondering what happens to the money in an RESP if their child doesn’t go to college or university? It’s definitely a possibility. Some parents start funding their RESP before their child is walking. Who knows what they might be doing 18 years down the road?

If this situation does arise then you could have four options to consider: