NSSC Blog: Before You Invest

Regulatory Review – August-September 2022

After a quiet July there were several notices and release issued by the CSA and NSCC over the last two months. In case you missed any of these releases or notices here’s a quick rundown on what they meant for issuers and investors and links to the documents, where you can find the full details. This review covers all notices and releases issued in August and September.

School’s In: RESP Review

School’s back in session, and if you’re a parent of a child who just starting school or heading into their last year of high school you may be wondering how you’re going to pay for their post-secondary education.  Even if your child was just born yesterday, you may have university tuition on your mind because 18 years can go by pretty fast.

What is the NSSC? – Enforcement

The Enforcement branch enforces the securities act in Nova Scotia. They investigate any reported violations of securities laws. For example, this could include someone offering securities to Nova Scotia residents without being registered to do so, or someone committing investment fraud.