NSSC Blog: Before You Invest

Question of the Week: What happens to my shares if a company merges or is taken over?

Last week we wrote about what happens to your shares if a company you’re invested in files for bankruptcy. That led to another question, what happens to the shares in a company if that company merges with or is taken over by another company?

When this occurs one of three things usually happens to shareholders of the soon to be defunct company.

Question of the Week: How can I access the funds in my LIRA before retirement?

We spent the last few weeks talking about LIRAs and LIFs. That left readers wondering about how they can access the funds in a locked-in retirement account. The word “locked-in” in the name tell that your money can’t simply be withdrawn whenever you want. However, there are a few specific situations in which you are allowed to unlock a locked-in retirement account.