NSSC Blog: Before You Invest

Question of the Week – What are Mortgage Investment Entities?

A mortgage investment entity (MIE) has similarities to syndicated mortgages, which we wrote about last week. The major difference between the two is that a syndicated mortgage is usually an investment in one mortgage held on one property, while an MIE is an investment in multiple mortgages issued against multiple properties.

Question of the Week – What are syndicated mortgages?

We’ve received a few questions about real estate investments lately. We’ve also had previous inquiries about syndicated mortgages due to them occasionally turning up in CSA notices in the last few years. The next three weeks the blog will be devoted to real estate investments – specifically syndicated mortgages, mortgage investment entities and real estate limited partnerships.

Question of the Week – How do I help someone that may be a victim of financial elder abuse?

Many older people who are the victim of financial elder abuse don’t want to talk about it and end up taking little or no action. This can be because of shame or embarrassment, or because they believe if it becomes known, they will lose some of their freedom and independence. Because of this if you believe someone is the victim of financial elder abuse, you should approach them calmly and without judgement.

Question of the Week – What are the warning signs of financial elder abuse?

As our population continues to get older, financial elder abuse is becoming more prevalent. Many victims of financial elder abuse stay quiet out of shame, or they fear that if it’s discovered they will lose some of their freedom. They may be silent, but there are still warning signs that someone is a victim of financial elder abuse.

June is Seniors Month

The Nova Scotia Securities Commission is launching a new page on their website in June focusing on “Investing Information for Seniors.” This website will include two new printable information sheets: 

Question of the Week – What are commodities and how do they pertain to investing?

Commodities are basic goods that are in high demand across the globe. They are generally uniform in quality and utility regardless of their source. Think of it this way. Wheat is a commodity. The last time you bought a large bag of flour at the grocery store did you think about where and what kind of wheat was sourced to make your flour? Chances are the answer is no.