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Order Type Order Datesort descending
PDF icon Stegent Equity Advisors, Inc. Commission Order August 19, 2009
PDF icon Nova Scotia Power Incorporated Commission Order December 4, 2009
PDF icon PIMCO Canada Corp. Commission Order December 11, 2009
PDF icon Connors Bros. Clover Leaf Seafoods Company Commission Order December 16, 2009
PDF icon SEAMARK Asset Management Ltd. Commission Order February 11, 2010
PDF icon Coca-Cola Enterprises (Canada) Bottling Finance Company Commission Order March 22, 2010
PDF icon Grafton Securities Ltd., Grafton Securities Limited and Grafton Securities Canada Limited Commission Order April 28, 2010
PDF icon Homburg Invest Inc Director Order May 5, 2010
PDF icon Homburg Stoneridge Limited Partnership Commission Order May 5, 2010
PDF icon Emera Incorporated and Nova Scotia Power Incorporated Commission Order May 6, 2010
PDF icon 4554051 Canada Inc. (formerly known as Overland Realty Limited) Commission Order May 13, 2010
PDF icon SEAMARK Asset Management Ltd. Director Order May 21, 2010
PDF icon IIROC Variation Order Commission Order June 1, 2010
PDF icon Textron Financial Canada Funding Corp. Commission Order June 15, 2010
PDF icon Linear Gold ULC Commission Order July 27, 2010
PDF icon Thornridge Holdings Limited Commission Order September 24, 2010
PDF icon Aberdeen Asset Management Inc. Commission Order October 10, 2010
PDF icon GrowthWorks Atlantic Venture Fund Ltd. Director Order December 10, 2010
PDF icon Aviva Investors Canada Inc. Commission Order December 14, 2010
PDF icon Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Limited Partnership Director Order December 24, 2010
PDF icon Textron Financial Corporation Commission Order February 9, 2011
PDF icon Bell Aliant Inc. and Bell Aliant Regional Communications Inc. (Re: Bell Aliant Preferred Equity Inc.) Director Order February 18, 2011
PDF icon Media Fund (Atlantic) Ltd. Director Order June 14, 2011
PDF icon Investment Centre, Inc. and IC Advisory Services, Inc. Commission Order June 29, 2011
PDF icon Performance Genomics Investment Fund Director Order October 4, 2011