Investor Alert Database

The Nova Scotia Securities Commission issues Investor Alerts to warn Nova Scotians about potential scams, frauds and unregistered individuals and businesses targeting Nova Scotia investors. 

Investor Alerts issued by other securities regulators in Canada can be accessed on the Canadian Securities Regulators Investor Alerts Page

The Nova Scotia Securities Commission has issued past Investor Alerts about the following companies and individuals:

24xForex and PACO World System LTD.

Affiliated Trade Group


Ashford Investments

Aura Mergers & Acquisitions

Balboa Forex

Balboa International


Binary Options


Bitcoin Bank/

Canadian Office of Derivative Trading

Canuck Wealth/Canuck Method/Binary Online


Dennis Cockerill Jr.

1st Trade Options/First Trade Options

Fort Coast Loans

FPE Trading & Jean-Smaille Gemeil

FXT Brokers


Halifax and Associates


International Commodities Group

JC Capital Markets

Kaizen Group International Ltd./


Magellan Trading Group International

Magnum Options and Hampshire Capital Ventures Ltd.

Magnum Options

Mercury Crypto Invest 

Oliver Briggs

ORCA Alliance


Quantum Code

Royal FX Trading Ltd. (

SBlock-Trade and SblockTrade.Tech

Stratus Financial Group International

Shtern Group

Stanford FX

Stearn House Trading, and Reliantco

USI-TECH Limited

Venture Pro Trader

Vincenzo Pettinicchio/NPFB Europe SRL/Montreal Tickets/World of Tickets

Weizhen Tang

Wesley Robinson and DRR900306 N.S. Limited

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